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Bring some good SHT into your life.

This book:

  • 👉 Shows you how to transform pain into something beautiful
  • 👉 Helps you get out of your head through mindfulness, breathing exercises, and yoga
  • 👉 Explains why panic attacks happen and how to stop them
  • 👉 Promotes authenticity, sincerity, and connection
  • 👉 Shows you how to positively influence your mind with nutrition
  • 👉 Contains a dozen Ayurvedic recipes for a happy gut and a strong immune system

the joy of good shit book


Who’s this?

Jessica Scheper is a certified 200hr Yoga Teacher, as well as a mental health blogger, who’s been teaching yoga and helping women reduce stress since 2014. Jess specializes in teaching yoga for anxiety, and she’s the author of The Joy of Good Shit.

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how to stop panic attack

How to Stop a Panic Attack Fast

How to stop a panic attack fast? What is a panic attack? Most of the time, people don’t even know they’re having one. They think it’s a heart attack. Their heart is racing; they’re sweating like they’re running twenty kilometers per hour, but they’re just sitting on the couch. Of course, it’s a heart attack!… Read More »How to Stop a Panic Attack Fast

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